The Council of Australian Humanist Societies

The Council of Australian Humanist Societies Inc (CAHS) was established in 1965 when the Humanist Societies of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia affiliated to form a new national body. Queensland, after a name change, joined in 1967. The ACT Humanist Society joined in 2017. CAHS' affiliated state societies have worked to lobby on a range of issues such as access to contraceptives, safe abortions, no-fault divorce, homosexual law reform and the right to voluntary euthanasia, among many other human rights issues. 

The objects of CAHS are:

(a) To present the views of affiliated Societies at the national level.

(b) To co-ordinate and facilitate the activities of Humanist organisations throughout Australia.
(c) To promote and assist the formation of further Humanist Societies.

(d) To arrange National and Regional Conferences of Humanist Societies.
(e) To promote research into matters of interest to Humanists.

(f) To publish literature of interest to Humanists.


The current executive committee consists of:

President: Lyndon Storey

Secretary: Carmen Seaby

Treasurer: Murray Love


Other committee members:

Tanya Watkins (SA)

Sarah Lonsdale (NSW)

Stephen Stuart (Vic)

David Cosgrove (ACT)