Dying with Dignity

Humanism supports the worth, dignity and autonomy of every human being and their right to the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others.

In the case of a person suffering great pain from an incurable and untreatable condition and facing  a cruel and undignified remainder of life, with a slow and unpleasant death appearing inevitable, it makes sense that in that situation some would consider the option of a swifter, more dignified, death. Someone in such a situation, making such a decision, would be exercising their freedom and autonomy in an effort to live the remainder of their life, and end  it,  with dignity. Such a decision is a type of decision humanists would support.

At the moment, in Australia, only the state of Victoria has laws that support assisted dying.

Humanists supported the change to  Victorian law supporting assisted dying and  will campaign in the future for assisted dying laws around Australia. As more information about those camapigns becomes available it will be posted on this page.