Opposing religious discrimination - The Australian Government's School Chaplaincy Program


The Australian National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) provides funding to support chaplaincy services in schools in Australia. The funding is only available to support religious Chaplains.  This ignores both the existence of non religious people who are interested in Chaplaincy work and the fact that more than 30% of the Australian population are not religious.

The NSCP is a blatant example of pro religious discrimination which denies equal treatment of the non religious. It is not just an anachronism. It's function is to create  a framework where a form of meaningful social action can only be pursued through religious channels. It thus creates as well as perpetuates religious discrimination and stereotypes.

Australia's Humanist Societies are firmly opposed to the NSCP in its current form. Below are some links to material related to our campaign to change the NSCP:

Letter calling for Australian Human Rights Commission inquiry into NSCP signed by several humanist and other leaders

If you support our campaign against the NSCP please sign this petition