Humanist Society of New South Wales (HSNSW)

HSNSW promotes a non-religious non-supernatural world view and supports a number of issues which certain (fundamentalist) religious interests and prominent pro-active individuals with deep religious convictions oppose including abortion law, drug law, euthanasia law reforms and unaccountable allocation of public monies to religious organisations. It is part of the movement which argues that the state and religion should remain separate. 

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General information about HSNSW:

The Objects of the Humanist Society of New South Wales Inc (HSNSW) include:

  1. To encourage a rational approach to human problems, to promote the fullest use of science for human welfare, to defend freedom of expression, and provide a constructive alternative to theological and dogmatic creeds;
  2. To gain and maintain for non-religious people the same rights as are enjoyed by members of religious bodies;
  3. To encourage an awareness of and the responsibility to the connection and interdependence between human and other life forms, and duty of care owed by present generations to future generations and the environment;
  4. To encourage informed and reasoned discussion of issues in a manner that shows respect for the individual and his or her views;
  5. To encourage respect for the universal human rights of men and women free from discrimination on the basis of race, class, disability, gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation.