Australian Humanists support Marriage Equality


The Council of Australian Humanist Societies (CAHS) strongly supports marriage equality and urges all humanists, and all Australians, to support marriage equality in the upcoming postal survey.
All people should have equal rights to marry the (adult) partner of their choice. Supporting marriage equality is part of building a society that respects human dignity and equality. CAHS strongly urges all humanists, and all who oppose discrimination, to support marriage equality.
CAHS President Lyndon Storey said: “Love comes from the human heart, not from God. Marriage equality means giving all people an equal opportunity to express their love, and to have that love acknowledged by society, and the legal system. I urge people around Australia to support marriage equality.
"Humanism supports freedom of the individual, and giving all people the same level of opportunity. Equal opportunity for fulfilment and happiness does not exist when only some people can marry the partner of their choice."
Humanists believe that people are capable of developing, and living by, values and ethical systems without requiring reference to supernatural beings. Marriage equality is not part of the decline of values; it is part of changing societal attitudes to sexuality, and an acceptance that love expressed in same-sex relationships is equal to, and worthy of the same respect, as that expressed in heterosexual relationships.
Humanism acknowledges and celebrates human love as a key source of meaning and purpose in people’s lives. Supporting marriage equality today means supporting people’s right to express their love through joining the institution of marriage.
Legal recognition of same-sex marriage is long overdue. Please vote to support marriage equality, and support events and actions designed to support marriage equality.                                                                                                            


Above is a media statement from the Council of Australian Humanist Societies 09/09/17

For further information contact:
Lyndon Storey: President, Council of Australian Humanist Societies
Ph: 0432 938 739
The Council of Australian Humanist Societies Inc. was established in 1965 as a national body to help coordinate the activities of Australia's humanist societies and advocate for Humanist views and concerns at a federal level. Humanists believe that meaning in life, ethics and community can be developed through human means rather than relying on God or other supernatural foundations. There is no need for religion. Humanism is a values based alternative to religion