Humanists welcome the real good news

(Media statement on the 2017 release of 2016 Census results)


Humanists see the positives in the ongoing and accelerating decline of religion in Australia. Humanism offers a values based alternative to religion, an alternative that does not rely on imaginary super beings.

The release of the 2016 Census confirms that more and more Australians are turning away from religion. The Australian Humanist movement fully expects that the number of Australians identifying as having no religion will increase yet again with the next census.

On hearing the news that non-religious Australians made up 30% of the population, Council of Australian Humanist Societies President, Lyndon Storey said:

“These results show that our society is steadily shedding beliefs, such as religious ones, that are not supported by evidence. Given the strong trend away from religion, particularly Christianity, we expect this to continue and we will work to support this happening by providing a positive, values based alternative to religion; Humanism.”

When responding to criticisms of people without religion, Mr Storey says: 

“The real good news is that love and compassion come from the human heart; not from an imaginary super being"

“As more people become open to this basic fact about our human potential we are in a better position to build communities and values based on mutual respect for human dignity and potential rather than deference to imaginary super beings and whatever requirements their ‘representatives’ propose.”

The Australian Humanist movement stands ready to welcome and support all who want to live a good life without God.


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Lyndon Storey, CAHS President
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The Council of Australian Humanist Societies Inc. was established in 1965 by the state Humanist societies as a national body to advocate for Humanist views and concerns at a federal level. Notable campaigns that Humanists have been involved in over the years are the decriminalisation of male homosexual acts, the Vietnam moratorium, safe and legal access to abortions, no-fault divorce and civil celebrants. Humanists are still campaigning for progressive causes including marriage equality, voluntary assisted dying and drug law reform among many others.