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HSNSW Human economic choices and why we make them

How is it that we engage with the market as sovereign individuals and become addicted? How manipulated are we by those selling to us, as compared to making choices? How is our public space and private activity being monetised? All in pursuit of supposed greater benefit for us all? Come along, and enjoy the chance to discuss these issues and more, from a humanist perspective. Venue: Humanist House, 10 Shepherd Street, Chippendale More information - HSNSW meetup page at:

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HSNSW - taking Humanism seriously in community

Sunday November 25 - 3pm to 6pm. The speaker will be Bart Campolo who has spoken at various secular conventions and also worked as a Humanist Chaplain at two large universities in the USA. Bart won’t be there in person but we will enjoy his inspirational talks on YouTube, with Humanist House’s Wi-Fi connection. He is a dynamic speaker and will fill half the afternoon, and the other half will be the discussion it provokes.
Venue: Humanist House 10 Shepherd Street Chippendale Sydney

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