The Humanist Society of Victoria (HSV)

The Humanist Society of Victoria Inc (HSV) is a non-profit body, founded in 1961, which seeks to represent the aspirations and interests of humanists in Victoria.

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Some general information about HSV:

Aims of the Humanist Society of Victoria:

  • To help develop a civil society in which each person may reach his or her potential.
  • To advocate ethical decision-making and responsibility for one’s actions, based on respect for individual autonomy, peaceful coexistence between peoples of differing ways of life, and maintenance of a sustainable environment.
  • To support human rights, civil liberties, secular education and a scientific approach to human problems

The Humanist Society of Victoria meets (in Melbourne normally)

  • to hear speakers on Humanist approaches to life and be informed on topics of current interest and importance
  • to explore ideas with people of like mind and so develop Humanist policies
  • to prepare submissions and lobby on matters of wide community concern
  • to organise projects that further Humanist ideals and assist with the welfare of other community members
  • to issue a monthly newsletter (Victorian Humanist)